Gmail 是 Google 公司在 2004年 4 月 1 日推出的免费的电子邮件服务,存储空间超过10GB。最初是邀请制,2007年2月14日开放注册。 (详见: Gmail


There are concerns that neural language models may preserve some of the stereotypes of the underlying societies that generate the large corpora needed to train these models. For example, gender bias is a significant problem when generating text, and its unintended memorization could impact the user experience of many applications (e.g., the smart-compose feature in Gmail). In this paper, we introduce a novel architecture that decouples the representation learning of a neural model from its memory management role. This architecture allows us to update a memory module with an equal ratio across gender types addressing biased correlations directly in the latent space. We experimentally show that our approach can mitigate the gender bias amplification in the automatic generation of articles news while providing similar perplexity values when extending the Sequence2Sequence architecture.