Awesome 是运行于UNIX以及Linux、FreeBSD等类Unix操作系统上的窗口管理器,是采用GPL协议的自由软件。 不同于KWin和Metacity,awesome是一款Tiling window manager,直译就是“瓦片式窗口管理器”,意译为“平铺式窗口管理器”。所谓的平铺就是之所有的窗口都不会相互重叠,而是自动的被调整大小使得它们能够刚好占满整个屏幕。这和传统的桌面管理器的概念相差很大。


Face-to-face speech data collection has been next to impossible globally due to COVID-19 restrictions. To address this problem, simultaneous recordings of three repetitions of the cardinal vowels were made using a Zoom H6 Handy Recorder with external microphone (henceforth H6) and compared with two alternatives accessible to potential participants at home: the Zoom meeting application (henceforth Zoom) and two lossless mobile phone applications (Awesome Voice Recorder, and Recorder; henceforth Phone). F0 was tracked accurately by all devices; however, for formant analysis (F1, F2, F3) Phone performed better than Zoom, i.e. more similarly to H6. Zoom recordings also exhibited unexpected drops in intensity. The results suggest that lossless format phone recordings present a viable option for at least some phonetic studies.