ATS:IEEE Asian Test Symposium。 Explanation:IEEE亚洲测试研讨会。 Publisher:IEEE。 SIT:


Recently, finding fundamental properties for traffic state representation is more critical than complex algorithms for traffic signal control (TSC).In this paper, we (1) present a novel, flexible and straightforward method advanced max pressure (Advanced-MP), taking both running and queueing vehicles into consideration to decide whether to change current phase; (2) novelty design the traffic movement representation with the efficient pressure and effective running vehicles from Advanced-MP, namely advanced traffic state (ATS); (3) develop an RL-based algorithm template Advanced-XLight, by combining ATS with current RL approaches and generate two RL algorithms, "Advanced-MPLight" and "Advanced-CoLight". Comprehensive experiments on multiple real-world datasets show that: (1) the Advanced-MP outperforms baseline methods, which is efficient and reliable for deployment; (2) Advanced-MPLight and Advanced-CoLight could achieve new state-of-the-art. Our code is released on Github.