ICDAR是一个非常成功的旗舰会议系列,是文献分析界研究人员、科学家和实践者的最大和最重要的国际会议。该会议得到了IAPR-TC 10/11的认可,成立于近30年前。第15届文件分析与识别国际会议(ICDAR 2019)由澳大利亚悉尼科技大学(UTS)主办,并在悉尼国际会议中心(ICC)举行。接受的论文由会议出版服务(CPS)出版,并提交给IEEE Xplore数字图书馆。官网链接:http://icdar2019.org/

This competition investigates the performance of large-scale retrieval of historical document images based on writing style. Based on large image data sets provided by cultural heritage institutions and digital libraries, providing a total of 20 000 document images representing about 10 000 writers, divided in three types: writers of (i) manuscript books, (ii) letters, (iii) charters and legal documents. We focus on the task of automatic image retrieval to simulate common scenarios of humanities research, such as writer retrieval. The most teams submitted traditional methods not using deep learning techniques. The competition results show that a combination of methods is outperforming single methods. Furthermore, letters are much more difficult to retrieve than manuscripts.