Path 是 2010 年 11 月上线的一个私密的图片分享社交网络服务。2015 年 5 月,Path 宣布被 Kakao Talk 收购。


To achieve autonomous driving without high-definition maps, we present a model capable of generating multiple plausible paths from egocentric images for autonomous vehicles. Our generative model comprises two neural networks: the feature extraction network (FEN) and path generation network (PGN). The FEN extracts meaningful features from an egocentric image, whereas the PGN generates multiple paths from the features, given a driving intention and speed. To ensure that the paths generated are plausible and consistent with the intention, we introduce an attentive discriminator and train it with the PGN under generative adversarial networks framework. We also devise an interaction model between the positions in the paths and the intentions hidden in the positions and design a novel PGN architecture that reflects the interaction model, resulting in the improvement of the accuracy and diversity of the generated paths. Finally, we introduce ETRIDriving, a dataset for autonomous driving in which the recorded sensor data are labeled with discrete high-level driving actions, and demonstrate the state-of-the-art performance of the proposed model on ETRIDriving in terms of accuracy and diversity.