Path 是 2010 年 11 月上线的一个私密的图片分享社交网络服务。2015 年 5 月,Path 宣布被 Kakao Talk 收购。


Quantum algorithm design lies in the hallmark of applications of quantum computation and quantum simulation. Here we put forward a deep reinforcement learning (RL) architecture for automated algorithm design in the framework of quantum adiabatic algorithm, where the optimal Hamiltonian path to reach a quantum ground state that encodes a compution problem is obtained by RL techniques. We benchmark our approach in Grover search and 3-SAT problems, and find that the adiabatic algorithm obtained by our RL approach leads to significant improvement in the success probability and computing speedups for both moderate and large number of qubits compared to conventional algorithms. The RL-designed algorithm is found to be qualitatively distinct from the linear algorithm in the resultant distribution of success probability. Considering the established complexity-equivalence of circuit and adiabatic quantum algorithms, we expect the RL-designed adiabatic algorithm to inspire novel circuit algorithms as well. Our approach offers a recipe to design quantum algorithms for generic problems through a machinery RL process, which paves a novel way to automated quantum algorithm design using artificial intelligence, potentially applicable to different quantum simulation and computation platforms from trapped ions and optical lattices to superconducting-qubit devices.