YAGO是由德国马普研究所研制的链接数据库。YAGO主要集成了Wikipedia、WordNet和GeoNames三个来源的数据。YAGO将WordNet的词汇定义与Wikipedia的分类体系进行了融合集成,使得YAGO具有更加丰富的实体分类体系。YAGO还考虑了时间和空间知识,为很多知识条目增加了时间和空间维度的属性描述。目前,YAGO包含1.2亿条三元组知识。YAGO是IBM Watson的后端知识库之一。


In this paper, we present CogNet, a knowledge base (KB) dedicated to integrating three types of knowledge: (1) linguistic knowledge from FrameNet, which schematically describes situations, objects and events. (2) world knowledge from YAGO, Freebase, DBpedia and Wikidata, which provides explicit knowledge about specific instances. (3) commonsense knowledge from ConceptNet, which describes implicit general facts. To model these different types of knowledge consistently, we introduce a three-level unified frame-styled representation architecture. To integrate free-form commonsense knowledge with other structured knowledge, we propose a strategy that combines automated labeling and crowdsourced annotation. At present, CogNet integrates 1,000+ semantic frames from linguistic KBs, 20,000,000+ frame instances from world KBs, as well as 90,000+ commonsense assertions from commonsense KBs. All these data can be easily queried and explored on our online platform, and free to download in RDF format for utilization under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. The demo and data are available at http://cognet.top/.