Traditional IP multicast routing is not suitable for cloud data center (DC) networks due to the need for supporting large numbers of groups with large group sizes. State-of-the-art DC multicast routing approaches aim to overcome the scalability issues by, for instance, taking advantage of the symmetry of DC topologies and the programmability of DC switches to compactly encode multicast group information inside packets, thereby reducing the overhead resulting from the need to store the states of flows at the network switches. However, although these scale well with the number of multicast groups, they do not do so with group sizes, and as a result, they yield substantial traffic control overhead and network congestion. In this paper, we present Bert, a scalable, source-initiated DC multicast routing approach that scales well with both the number and the size of multicast groups, and does so through clustering, by dividing the members of the multicast group into a set of clusters with each cluster employing its own forwarding rules. Compared to the state-of-the-art approach, Bert yields much lesser traffic control overhead by significantly reducing the packet header sizes and the number of extra packet transmissions, resulting from the need for compacting forwarding rules across the switches.